SMAQ is the culmination of years of research, frustration with people stealing our Intellectual Property and some very unique programming. We needed a way to imprint user specific data into every file download. We needed to track specific files and match them to specific users. Unfortunately every currently available method of doing this involves sending content to another provider for encoding, hosting, distribution and user specific watermarking.

We knew there had to be a more efficient method. SMAQ utilizes content already encoded and stored on your server. Simply upload the programs we provide to your web server, set permissions on the folders and change out your links to utilize the SMAQ Digital Imprinter.

SMAQ waits for someone to click on one of your download links. When that occurs, SMAQ grabs a copy of the distribution file and as it is passed to the user SMAQ imprints a unique, user specific mark which is totally transparent to the user and the users media player.

The SMAQ Download Manager currently only protects file downloads.