Stop Video, Music and Image Piracy

Protect Your Digital Assests with SMAQ

This software is completely free and you may freely give it way
Are your Videos, Images, Audio Files and other digital assests appearing on File Sharing sites shortly after you release them? Would you like a simple way to protect downloaded files and match them to unscrupulous downloaders? We can help. Free To Use - Free to Download

Uses Existing Files, Software & Hardware

SMAQ works with your existing Video, Music and Image files. No Additional Encoding Required. SMAQ runs on your content server. Use your own hardware, web server and network. Free To Use - Free to Download

Easy Setup

Written to easily plug in to your existing PHP ready web server. Upload the SMAQ Digital Imprinter to your web server, set folder permissions and change your links to utilize the SMAQ Digital Imprinter. Free To Use - Free to Download