Setup and Installation

The SMAQ download will provide you with a ZIP file of everything you need. Follow these simple steps and you will be up and running very quickly.

  1. Create a new folder on your web server which is located under your Subscriber folders and set the permissions on this folder to '777' . You want this to be a secure area which is only availabe to users who have been granted access.

  2. Create another folder under the folder created in Step 1, name it 'files' and set the permissions on the new folder to '777'.

  3. Copy the contents of the ZIP file to the folder you created in Step 1.

  4. Test the installation. You must pass two variables to the Download URL. The first variable is the Directory / Folder in the URL string containing the file to be downloaded. For example: '/DownLoadMGR/examples/'. 'DownLoadMGR'; in this example, represents the folder created in Step1. The second variable is the File Name you want to download. For our test we will utilize a file placed on the server in Step 3; 'smaq.mp4'. Modify the following URL to fit the folder and file structure you established in Step 1.

    Now load the file you just downloaded back to the server and it will show you the information imprinted on the file. Example: You will need to replace the Domain Name and Directory.

    If both of these work, Success!

  5. Once you have a valid test your next step is to integrate the syntax for this into your current CMS.

  6. Setup a CRON or Batch job that will delete contents of the folder 'files' greater than 45 minutes old, or what ever time period you determine to be reasoble for your specific application. If you forget to do this and place SMAQ into production your available hard drive space will be utilized.

  7. Setup ALERTS with Google Alerts. Enter the domains and terms you wish to track into the Google Alerts system. When the terms you have requested are detected as new content you get an immediate alert. To further get you started, here is a LIST of all the SITES that we monitor.